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British Landscape Paintings & Prints

Original Oils & linocuts

British landscape paintings and original prints made by UK landscape artist, Lynne Roebuck. Original and unique contemporary fine art prints and paintings made using oils or lino. ("Contemporary" means ‘made by a living artist’)

Studio oil paintings, plein air oils, acrylic and prints
From left to right: Two plein air oil paintings. The two large ones are studio landscape oil paintings followed by two acrylic paintings and last – but not least – two linocut original prints.

Making landscape art in 2021

Updated: 14 January 2021

The Phases (and steps) in making my art; and perseverance is the word of the year.

The less said about 2020, the better. We're all fed‑up with it anyway, aren't we?

Three kicks in the guts, one after the other, each knocked me over right at the end of the year, in December 2020.

So the words of perseverance, by the matchless and much‑missed Tom Petty, are my anthem for 2021. Won't be turned around, And I'll keep this world from draggin' me down, Gonna… (You know it).

Yorkshire Wolds landscape collection

The 2020 lockdowns made travelling into the landscape, sketchbook in hand, a questionable activity.

I errored on not going – it felt like the right thing to do – though it's meant I'm at least six months behind now.

Frustrating, but I'm determined to persevere.

Outdoor Sketching machine (Phase I)

Between lockdowns one and two, I scurried outdoors at every opportunity – sketchbook clasped in feverish hands. Fortunately, the weather was mostly dry and often sunny, though still bone‑chillingly cold!

So I made enough sketches on location in the Yorkshire Wolds to complete phase one of my project: the outdoor study phase.

An artist's busy easel

Several other paintings have been hogging my easel. "Garden by the Sea" is one completed just now, top centre, this page.

An epic view of Selwicks Bay at Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire, is rapidly coming together too, after being a bit of a fight.

Paintings always go through a Struggle Stage – that's normal.

Being an artist requires perseverance – that's if on a constant quest to be a better artist, as I am.

Making finished studio art (Phase II)

While freeing‑up my easel, I'm beginning Phase II of my Yorkshire Wolds collection. Phase II begins with a vital step in making my landscape art.

Two Phases, Several Steps

I have two defined steps in the second phase of art making. After Phase I: Plein‑air sketching (meaning outdoor on location), I spend a lot of time planning my art (both paintings and prints).

Many artists go straight onto a canvas after completing their outdoor sketches. Otherwise, they make a couple of very casual thumbnails, before launching into their final artwork. Their 'painting planning' step is brief – mine is not

Precisely planning paintings

I spend a lot of time on the composition (a fancy art word for design) of my art prints and paintings.

I don't copy what's there, you see. Instead, before I pick up a canvas, I ask questions like: Should I move that tree to the left, or the right – or leave it where it is, because it's not the problem?.

Only sketching things out provides answers. There are many questions to deal with when you don't copy, so there are many sketches to do!

No matter how beautiful your colours or brushwork is, how much you try to fudge‑it, or how much time you spend on the art, mistakes in a composition will show through and spoil it.

Both trained and untrained eyes will see the mistakes, though the untrained can't explain why they don't like the artwork.

This is why I make multiple sketches precisely planning my landscape art. I'm knee‑deep in this planning stage of Phase II as I write.

Both phase I and phase II sketches are on my new Instagram feed, and there will be more as I progress. To see them, search using my name and the word: 'sketchbooks'. For those familar with Instagram, it's @lynneroebuck.sketchbooks.

So that's where I'm at, and I wish you well in 2021. I hope you and yours are persevering, safe, and prospering (in body, mind, heart and the rest).

My Yorkshire Wolds outdoor sketching phase in more detail.

The next time I'm expecting to update this is in March 2021.

Detail showing the approach to painting tree foliage with light from behind
Detail of an oil painting completed in my studio – Wigginton Road in Summer.

What kind of art do I make?

I primarily paint landscape oil paintings and print limited edition linocut original prints. All my art, so far, is of the British countryside, seaside/coastline and its surrounding seas. My collection of original, unique art, currently includes Northumberland, Yorkshire, and The South Hams in Devon.

I work in my studio from reference and outside in front of the scene. My Plein‑air paintings often form part of the reference for my studio paintings and prints. I'm always adding to my gallery of contemporary landscape paintings and prints, covering the North of England and the much painted Southern Counties.

More art by kind:

Buying my paintings and linocuts for sale

Updated: 17 December 2019

My contemporary British landscape art prints are available from these galleries in Yorkshire. Some have my lino prints in stock, both framed and unframed. Check the gallery pages to see what they have. They're all welcoming, knowledgable, helpful people, and they won't pressurize you to buy.

If you've read my latest update above, you'll know I'm spending 2020 making art. I won't be releasing much during the year. The art displayed on this website is available to buy, however, unless stated.

I've been trying to make it possible to buy from this website without the need to email me. Unfortunately, it's proved a bit of a mission. So it's still not possible at this time, I'm sorry to say.

Detail of Whitby Harbour oil painting
Detail of an oil painting completed in my studio – Whitby Harbour.

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