Oil painting of a coastal landscape
Oil painting of saltwick nab Whitby

Lynne Roebuck's British Landscape Art

Oil paintings and lino prints

This website features my collection of contemporary British landscape art. I make original lino prints and original oil paintings, all unique to me, British landscape artist, painter and printmaker: Lynne Roebuck.

Above: Two new oil paintings on canvas waiting to be framed. Below: two new original linocut prints for sale

Whitby Sands linoprint Scarborough South Sands linocut

I'm fascinated by the UK Landscape in all its diversity (countryside, seaside/coast and waves/seascape). My collection of artworks currently includes Northumberland, Yorkshire, and The South Hams in Devon. I hope this is only the start of an oeuvre of contemporary art which will cover the North of England as well as the much painted Southern Counties.

Linocuts in progress and framed on display

More landscape and coast theme prints underway:

Poor photographs of my sketches I'm afraid. However, they do show you the lino prints I intend to release next, after the Whitby and Scarborough limited editions (both shown at the top of this page) dry completely, and then are numbered and signed.

A path follows the cliff top toward a seaside town
Linocut - Walking The Coast
A headland stretches away in the background with a cormorant drying its wings on the groins on the beach
Linocut - North Beach, Bridlington

Oil paintings Update:

Planning oil paintings after a visit to the South Hams, Devon

Some of my art…

Buying my paintings and linocuts for sale

The best place to buy my art if you're in Yorkshire, UK, is from my galleries. You'll be able to view my landscape art there and, in the case of my lino prints, choose between framed and unframed options. You'll also be able to ask questions and get advise about buying, framing, displaying and protecting original linocuts and paintings – and you won't pay extra for this extra service. They are welcoming, knowledgable, helpful people, who won't pressurize you to buy, so do visit them if you're in the area.

I'm currently working to make it possible to buy my landscape art from this website.
I was hoping to achieve it this year (2017), though it appears the goal posts on the internet itself are moving so it might delay things. When I've investigated and understood, I'll know more.

Some of my most 'd posts on Instagram (Updated: 12 Aug 2017):

The middle image ('Scarborough South Sands' linoprint) currently holds the record in my Instagram feed for "The Most Likes". Far ahead of all the others! It will probably be shown here for some time as a result.

Newest oil painting
Scarborough linocut
Cows on the way to Bolthead

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